What is Pinza?
Welcome to Pinzeria! Pinza (from Latin Pinsere - translated as opening, chopping) - is an innovative author's dish. It was created and patented by Italian maestro Valentino Bontempi, a master of Italian cuisine. Born in Verona, Valentino spent many years researching the history, culture and cuisine of the Italian and Roman empires. During this gastronomic "journey," he noticed an incredibly satisfying and at the same time simple dish that was popular during the Roman Empire. Unfortunately, the recipe and name of this root have not remained in history
The History of Pinza
There is nothing impossible for a real maestro. Thus, Valentino was able to clarify that this ancient miracle was cooked by the Roman peasants on charcoal using crushed wheat, salt and various spices. The result is a unique crunchy root. Initially, barley, oats and millet (suluf) were used in the preparation of carrots. Then wild wheat was added. The monks and priests were entertained with a simple cake. On top of the thin and crunchy root, the villagers prepared a light meal that was pleasing to God by placing whatever was in the house, that is, vegetables, fruits, meat and other blessings. There are many historical reminders about such dishes. For example, Virgil spoke about the roots that give strength to soldiers in the shape of an oval and do not bring sleep after a meal.
New recipe
Individual recipe
Inspired by this story, Valentino invented his own recipe, and the dish was named PINZA.
Valentino Bontempi
Valentino Bontempi is a famous Italian chef. He has been in the restaurant business for more than 40 years and has achieved phenomenal success. He is not only a successful restaurateur, but also the author of several best-selling culinary books. Valentino is a chef, a writer, a consultant and, most importantly, a person who creates a special atmosphere! | +994 50 5863773
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